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The awards rules in english that were currenty displayed on the page are up to date.
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UIA award rules


UIA award
The award was founded by Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (UARL) and Ukrainian DX-Pedition Foundation (UDXPF).
Since January, 1st 2006 the award issued with the brand new design and new rules. Award consists of few separate awards:

- Basic - for QSOs/SWLs with 5 different expeditions (callsigns) on at least 3 islands.
- "50 islands" - for QSOs/SWLs with 50 different islands.
- "100 islands" - for QSOs/SWLs with 100 different islands.
- "150 islands" - for QSOs/SWLs with 150 different islands.
- "200 islands" - for QSOs/SWLs with 200 different islands.
The stickers are available for each additional 5 islands.

The award is free of charge, but applicants must enclose sufficient postage (recommended mail):
- Ukraine - 6 UAH
- Others - 2,5 USD (or equivalent)

To earn the stickers applicants must enclose SASE or sufficient postage.

Please note, Applications must show : call-sign, date of QSO/SWL, island number (alphabetical order). GCR-list or application verified by our check-points with enclosed fee should be send to :

P.O. Box 19, Lviv, 79000, UKRAINE.

You can check the qualifing islands list at "UIA List" part.

NOTE. For UIA numbers: AZ-016, AZ-017, BS-010, BS-012, BS-018, BS-019, BS-023, KS-001 valid QSOs made before 21.03.2014.

For further information on the UIA award please visit the award manager's UY5XE web-page Here.