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In the memory of UT8LL

Tragically, on December, 23rd, 2002, Victor Rusinov (UT8LL), who had contributed so much to the committee, died in a plane crash near Esfahan while on a bussiness trip to Iran: a terrible loss for his family and for his many friends worldwide.

Victor UT8LL on his last operation

Victor was a keen supporter of the IOTA programme, in earlier days as UB5LGM and more recently as UT8LL. He helped his Ukrainian team-mates put on operations - several were New Ones for the programme - from EU-119 (4K3MI), AS-086 (4K4I), AS-005 (4K4A/a and 4K4D), AS-039 (EZ0Z), AS-104 (4K4N), and the Black Sea island groups EU-179, 180 and 182 (EM5UIA), earning the Best DXpedition Trophy of 2000, and from Iran AS-166 (EP6KI).

He also participated in successful D68C operation of February 2001.
Also he was one of the founders of UDXPF, a member of UCC #29 and honorary member of UARL #11 (posthumously).


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